Aloha Crossfitters and welcome to beautiful Oáhu! We would be absolutely stoked to have you drop-in for a good workout while you are here enjoying the island. Check out the class schedule HERE.

We offer a unique open-air facility you will find nowhere else in the world!  It is our custom to welcome you as one of the crew.  You may even find someone to take you on an island adventure.  We look forward to sweating with you.  If you have any questions please let us know [email protected] or shoot us a text at 808.285.5200.

There is street parking available, as well as metered parking across the street but we suggest taking a Biki Bike. There is a rental kiosk one block away. You will enjoy the short bike ride and mountain views.

One Day Drop In


One Day Drop In + Shirt


One Week Drop In + Shirt



Train to be ready for anything!!

Our version of constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. This hour-long KFit class is for all skill levels. A coach will lead you through a warmup followed with a skills/strength lesson and the daily WOD or Workout of the Day. Movements may include cardio, gymnastics, Olympic weight lifting, powerlifting, and many more on any given day.


Sweat. Strength. Stamina.

Simple but potent. It eliminates the barbell and most complex gymnastics movements but still packs a punch! Everyday athletes will sweat through fun conditioning workouts at 5 am. This hour-long class serves as a great starting point for beginner athletes and those looking to burn fat and get their nutrition on point.


Short. Intense. Sweat.

KFIT30 classes are designed for those on the go. It is a barbell-free class that improves aerobic conditioning with is quick burn and can also serve as a great starting point for beginner athletes.

101 Club

Learn. Lift. Sweat.

CrossFit 101 is a 1-hour long introductory class held Monday-Thursday at 7pm. Learn the basics while building strength and stamina. Beginners are highly encouraged to attend at least four 101 classes before jumping into a regular CrossFit class.


Recover. Breathe. Stretch.

A recovery yoga meant to stretch out tight and sore muscles from the week. Yoga instructor Karen does an amazing job manipulating the body to get that little extra we all need, but can rarely get on our own. One hour class every Saturday at 10:15 am unless announced otherwise. Bring a mat, or use one of ours!


Move. Play. Learn.

The Movement & Play class focuses on different ways to move the body. This includes rolling, crawling, jumping, introduction to basic soft acrobatics, building movement vocabulary, work on gymnastics rings, partner games, body awareness drills, flexibility work, and much more. The class currently focuses on one main thing per month in order to go deeper into the topic week after week, but is designed to allow you to just jump in for a class as well. The class is mainly inspired by work of Ido Portal, Josef Frucek from Fighting Monkey, and Emmet Louis of the Silver Leap Project.

Become the best you can be

Finally! Actionable, step-by-step advice on how you can achieve you health & fitness goals.