Congratulations to CrossFit Kuleana’s September member of the month, RJ!

RJ Uglow, September 2017 Member of the Month

RJ Uglow, September 2017 Member of the Month

Each month, CrossFit Kuleana spotlights a member at our box who has shown great dedication to their health and fitness journey.  Today we are talking with RJ, who has been at the box for 6 months. In just 5 months RJ was able to completely turn his life around.  He started with us at a body weight of 237 pounds and is now a slim and ripped 187.  That’s 50 pounds of fat loss! Along with the 50 pounds, he was able to lose 16.25 inches of body circumference.  This is simply amazing and a true testament to the power of CrossFit Kuleana, healthy nutrition, and consistent training.

Hi RJ!  Thank you for taking the time to tell us a bit about yourself and your fitness goals!

What were your goals when you started?

When I joined, my goals were to lose weight, become more flexible, learn some Olympic style lifts and have fun while doing it!

Have you achieved those original goals?


What are your goals now?

My goals now are to continue increasing my range of motion so I can correctly complete overhead Olympic lifting (full snatches and OHS, etc). I also want to increase my ability to complete hand-stand push-ups, work on getting continuous muscle-ups, and work up my ability to pistol squats.

What have you tried in the past to achieve your goals?

Yes, I tried just running a lot. Since I didn’t eat correctly, I wasn’t doing well at managing my weight. I also didn’t stretch very often so my mobility kept me from running well. Both factors contributed greatly to my injuring myself on a regular basis.

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit Kuleana?



My favorite thing about Crossfit is the support members give each other. Everyone at the gym is coming from different backgrounds and each has their own story, but the gym here is truly inviting and not intimidating. I also really enjoy working with the coaches, seeing how their instructions directly increase my capacity to lift and work safely in the gym. Coupled with the mobility exercises, I’m doing things now that I never thought I could accomplish even 3 months ago (hand-stands, full snatches, muscle-ups, double-unders). I also like trying new exercises like candle-stick get-ups or pistol squats, something I wouldn’t try by myself. Crossfit is definitely is a place that you can try new things in a safe environment, and I love the way I feel after getting in a good WOD in the morning.

What are your favorite exercises?

Pull-ups, cleans, hand-stands.

What is your favorite type of WOD?

I like the circuit WODS… Anything with some running and cleans gets me pumped up!

How has CrossFit Kuleana affected you outside the gym?

The way I feel now compared to 6 months ago is truly a 180 degree turnaround. I can’t believe how much more energy I have now and how much better my body/mind feels. Activities that I’ve always enjoyed outside of CrossFit (running, surfing, hiking) are so much more enjoyable and I feel so much better now, it definitely has given me a new spark on life!!

How has CrossFit benefited your life?

Really looking at the full spectrum of how my body works, this is something Crossfit has sparked in me. Learning how to properly warm-up and then increase my mobility is something I can truly feel from the WOD all the way through the remainder of my day. Then also looking at what I’m putting in my body before/after a workout, then later on in the day, has changed me physically and mentally in so many good ways. I know I still have a long way to go, but seeing the physical changes in my body and my comfort level and mobility increase is such an amazing reward and is truly motivating me to push to new levels fitness. I honestly feel that I’m closing on the best shape of my life.

What would you say to people who are afraid to try CrossFit?

RJJust come, dedicate an hour to yourself, and try Kuleana. If you’re intimidated/skeptical about the Crossfit mantra, don’t be, you’ll understand quickly that whatever physical shape you’re in, it doesn’t matter, the coaching staff is more than willing to work with you to ensure whatever we’re doing that day, you’ll be safe and you’ll get a good workout out of it. Wherever you start is only a starting point and you can truly go anywhere from there. The coaches and other members will definitely be stoked that you’re there and you’ll find that your mind and body will feel so much better after a good WOD!

If you see RJ around the Box, tell him congratulations for his accomplishments!  And from the Kuleana Box to you, RJ, Mahalo! Your dedication to your self and our CrossFit family is an inspiration!