Congratulations to our November member of the month, Sara Rutter!

Each month, CrossFit Kuleana spotlights a member of our box who has shown great dedication to their health and fitness journey.  Today we are talking with Sara Rutter, who has been at the box for 6 months. Hi, Sara, thank you for taking the time to tell us a bit about yourself and your fitness goals!

What were your goals when you started?

I wanted to be stronger and to feel more energetic.

Excellent! So now after 6 months, do you feel stronger, more energetic?


I’m guessing that the longer you have been doing CrossFit, the more your goals might have changed. What are they now?

My goals keeping getting more aspirational, such as being able to do pull-ups, double-unders, handstands and more.

Oh, the elusive double-under! May you conquer them soon. For many of us, when we joined CrossFit we did so hoping to get results because of past failed attempts to achieve our goals. What did you try in the past to achieve your fitness goals? 

Serious calorie restriction and jogging on treadmills or using the elliptical. I was always hungry and a bit bored.

Yes, I’ve been on that “treadmill” myself! It’s lonely, and that’s part of the reason why I love CrossFit Kuleana. Is that something you enjoy at our box as well?

Yes! the people, coaches, fellow athletes, and, of course, the dogs!

Oh yes! I love it when the pups work out with us. They pretty much love all Cardio 🙂 How about you, what are your favorite exercises?

I love jump roping, and really want to nail the double-unders.

Do you have a favorite type of WOD?

I don’t have favorites! They are all challenging and never boring.

Well, that’s good to hear. How about outside the gym, how have you been able to apply the skills you learned at CrossFit to your world at large? 

I am so much happier since I made the gym a regular part of my life. Also, I bake a lot and lifting the kitchen aid mixer is no longer an issue.

Then you’re not on the Paleo diet? LOL. I love a good baked yummy, and the nice thing about CrossFit is I can occasionally enjoy them! But besides this, how has CrossFit benefited your life?

I had a lot of back issues (3 back surgeries in the last 20 years) and was really afraid to exercise hard for fear of hurting my back again. I feel much more confident about trying hard and I haven’t had any injuries. I also have the sense of play, like being a child on the playground again, which is a great way to feel.

That is fantastic and I absolutely love what you had to say about a sense of play! What would you say to people who are afraid to try CrossFit?

CrossFit is challenging, humbling, and so much fun. The coaches meet you where you are, help you attain your goals, and help you go further than you thought possible.

That is awesome, Sara, and I couldn’t say it better myself!

Kuleana Ohana, if you see Sara around the Box, tell her congratulations for her accomplishments!  And from the Kuleana Box to you, Sara, Mahalo! Your dedication to your self and our CrossFit family is an inspiration!