Happy holidays!

First of all, mahalo to everyone who came out this past Saturday to check out our new services and stay for orientation.  We had a lot of great feedback and we will be in touch on the new schedule coming out 2019!!  Whether you think you are eligible or not, please click this link and input your information so we can check on our end.

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ASH Program
Our contract with The American Specialty Health Fitness began on December 1st. We will be rolling out this initiative starting January 1st to give us time to work out all the kinks during transition.

We need to see if you are eligible for the ASH program through your health insurance company.  If you are, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars on your Kuleana membership and we’ll teach you how!  If not, I’m sorry, but we will obviously still have other memberships available.

Things to do:
You NEED to click the link above to get us your information.  DO NOT Sign up for Active and Fit through your insurance, YET!!!!!!  We will let you know if you are eligible…. But I can only check if you send me your info…. so click the link NOW and do it.  It’ll take about 30 seconds.

Please email us for which membership you want if you are eligible and which one you want if you’re not. If you confirm a membership with us in December, we’ll extend a 10% discount to you as a mahalo.

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Memberships starting Jan.1, 2019
– Includes: Unlimited Bootcamp, Yoga, Open Gym, 101 Club
– $135/month or FREE for eligible members

– Includes: 12x/month Crossfit, Bootcamp, Yoga, Open Gym, 101 Club, 30min Rapid Reboot recovery sessions
– $165/month

– Unlimited, All-Access pass
– $200/month or $65 upgrade for eligible members

* Active and Fit membership

All ANF memberships must be posted on the 1st of each month if eligible.  All other memberships must be posted on either the 1st or the 15th of each month.

Class Packs Available
Need more flexibility in your membership?  Our class packs are cheaper and are now good for 1 year from date of purchase.  These classes can be used for Crossfit, Kuleana Rip (bootcamp), Yoga, Rapid Reboot, Open Gym, 101 Club.

1x Drop in: $20
5x: $90
10x: $180
20x: $340
December SALE!! 30 pack: $450!!


– 12/15, Kuleana takes on the Makahiki Challenge!  If you have any questions please email Mar at [email protected]
– Christmas Eve, 12/24: 9am Only!  Show your holiday spirit by dressing in Red or Green!
– Christmas, 12/25: Gym Closed!
– New Year’s Eve, 12/31: 9am Only!!
– New Year’s Day, 1/1: Gym Closed!

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Mahalo nui and see you at the box!
Marcus Souza
Dara TawaraharaCrossfit Kuleana Owner
2463 S. King St.
Honolulu, HI 96826
Cell: 808-285-5200